Watch Some Whales in BC Waters on your Guided Fishing Trip 

The Douglas Channel in BC is a whale watching extravaganza

Kitimat BC is home to Killer Whales that arrive in June chasing the numerous Salmon that are running into the Kitimat River. 

Pods of Killers can be viewed during your day on the water at the same time you can experience 1st class fishing for Chinook Salmon. Humpback Whales enter the Douglas Channel the month of August. 

At this time we venture out and watch the spectacle as pods of Humpbacks corral balls of Herring then make a explosive burst out of the water feeding on the abundance of fresh fish. Coho Salmon are running into the channels numerous tributaries to spawn. 

Another excellent BC Guided Fishing opportunity.

Whale watching in BC has grown in popularity considerably 

The rapid growth of the number of whale watching trips in BC and the size of vessel used to watch whales may affect whale behavior, migratory patterns and breeding cycles. 

For this reason, some of the common sense rules of whale watching in BC are followed

  • Minimize speed ("No wake" speed)
  • Avoid sudden turns
  • Minimize noise
  • Do not pursue, encircle or come in between whales
  • Approach animals from angles where they will not be taken by surprise
  • Consider cumulative impact – minimize number of boats at any one time/per day
  • Do not coerce dolphins into bow-riding 
  • Observe without interfering 

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