BC Fishing Licenses, Obtain the Saltwater or Freshwater Permits Right Here Online

Freshwater Fishing Licensing in British Columbia

If you are 16 years of age or older, you must have a valid Non-tidal Angling Licence to fish for any species of fish in non-tidal waters (including salmon). 

No need to visit any particular place; you can get your BC Fishing License online. The Freshwater Fishing E-Licensing System allows anglers to obtain licences 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any location with a computer, Internet and a printer.  Licence holders are also able to reprint a lost licence from home.  Note:  there is no additional cost to purchasing your licence online. 

The Freshwater Fishing Licence is for fishing in non-tidal (freshwater) lakes, streams and rivers for species of trout, char, and steelhead. 

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Catch your BC Freshwater Fishing license online right here

Saltwater Fishing Licensing in British Columbia

In BC, Saltwater Fishing is a Federally licensed activity and is also required by anyone fishing BC saltwater at age 16 or more. 

As with Freshwater Fishing Licenses in BC, the paperwork must be produced on request by a fishery officer, conservation officer or fishery guardian if requested, so ensure you have your licence with you while fishing or transporting your catch. When you purchase either licence online, you must print it and carry it while fishing. Refunds will not be issued for purchased licences, so ensure your licence selection (including the fishing year) is correct before you complete your transaction.

All chinook, lingcod, and halibut catch must be recorded on your licence in ink.

Catch more information on the rules, costs and dates 
Catch your BC Saltwater Fishing License online right here