Steelhead and Salmon fishing guides - Kitimat, British Columbia
Steelhead and Salmon fishing guides - Kitimat, British Columbia


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October 2005
Steelhead Report Kalum River BC

As I look at our last week of Steelhead and Salmon pictures a few really stick into my mind. This report is about our latest clients from Denmark, Belgium and Japan. As I cannot add all the pictures to this report I will do it in a two to three part series as the action and stories are too many to mention.

Our finest Steelheading this fall season was October 8-15th and our boys from Japan had a blast. Eight Steelhead in three days as well numerous Silver Salmon all on the fly, the Silvers considered incidental catches as we were targeting Steelhead.

Nonetheless these Silvers on the fly are an excellent sportfish. A variety of Steelhead patterns and colors were on the menu and I cannot say one was better than the other. What does make a difference is presentation; in fact it is key to the success of a Steelheader on the fly.

Our clients from Denmark having spent a week in Babine country joined us on Upper Kalum and I am still smiling as spey angler Michael who hooked five Steelhead, commented that these Steelhead are allot stronger than the Babine Steelhead. We'll as you can see in the photos these fish are fresh and only miles up the Skeena so the journey is short and the fish very fresh in fact sea lice was noticed on one of the fish. Michael asks me about Upper Kalum and says it is not a well-known river. We’ll over the years articles have been written about this gem tributary. With this Skeena so well known as a summer run destination, over the next 25yrs. I will be putting this river to the test as a 1st class fishery for avid Steelheaders. In fact this river is of course the finest spring Steelhead fishery in the world, unlike upper Skeena reaches. Back on the water, I remember watching from the far bank with my two anglers as 'Z' hooked a Steelhead on the opposite side of the river, it caused a surface explosion and I knew immediately it was a Steelhead. I gestured to our other guide, Ted, who was upstream coaching Z’s buddy Ebi on a fishy Piece of water. Z’s single hander was doubled over and I could see that this Steelhead was giving him a Real tussle, exactly why he was in Skeena country. As the picture says all that has to be said this chromer was fresh and Z was pumped. Z is the angler that we all want to guide very meticulous and precise, covering allot of water in a short period with proper presentation and ample amount of sink tip.

The test was on now as his fishing partner, Ebi was next in the pool and connected this beautiful Steelhead in exactly the same piece of river. A slow pool followed by long tail-out typical Steelhead water, obviously very productive. With the fall rains upon us we await the drop of the rivers and the excitement that will follow when a fly swings into our most productive pools for our start of winter Steelheading.

Anglers wishing to join us for our spring fishery please book early, as your dates may not be available, tight lines.


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